[Giving this thing brought her something sweeter]

How to make intercourse more passionate, then send your other half of underwear!

Underwear is the main temptation for women to wear, and it can make men uncontrollable instantly, so choosing a good underwear for you is the most correct choice for her.

The form of sexual life can use a variety of media or methods, and intelligent couples may wish to implement creative creations to help sex.

Now young people are very fashionable to give “dear” underwear, which is very romantic and may make your other half more sexy and attractive.

Not only can pajamas give you soft comfort and care, there are many “alternatives”.

Put on those tailored tailors, loose-fitting loose-fit pajamas, and dim lights, and you will be as moving as the Greek goddess.

Another type of unisex underwear is borrowed from men’s underwear styles. It has no collar, no sleeves, and it is a little tight and not too tight. When it shows handsomeness, it has a wild beauty.