[Is it harmful to drink too much water]_ Harm _ Impact

We all know that in life, many doctors will tell patients to drink more water to correct and eliminate toxins in the body, but many people will be particularly puzzled. If the body does not lack water and still drinks water, is it not necessary to increase the workload of the kidneys,Doesn’t this cause a burden on the kidney to work too much, and there is currently no scientific evidence that drinking too much water is good for the body, so is it harmful to drink too much water?

At present, there is no scientific evidence to show that drinking more water can detox more.

On the contrary, drinking too much water in a day can easily cause the electrolytes in the body to lose balance (a large amount of sodium and potassium ions are lost), and vitamins in the body (such as B and C) are more likely to be lost.

How much water does a normal person drink just right?

Supply needs to be balanced with body consumption!

The human body loses water from urine, perspiration or skin evaporation every day, which is about 1800-2000cc, while the human body can only add about 1,000 ml of water from food and metabolism in the body every day, so normal people need to drink at least 1500 ml per daywater.

Healthy adults need to replenish about 2000cc of water every day.

Absolute water is not necessarily obtained by drinking water. The water in food should be counted together. This is the correct way to drink water for health.

For humans, the daily physiological requirement for hydration is at least 2000cc and cannot exceed 3000cc (depending on personal circumstances), otherwise it will be excessive.

Scientists recommend “drinking water schedule” to get up at 7:00, a cup of warm water, wake up the digestive tract that rests overnight, and enter into working state, which is conducive to the discharge of body dirt.

At 8:00 breakfast, in addition to the staple food, there must be liquid liquid food, milk, soy milk, fruit juice or porridge, etc., so that the body can fully absorb water and nutrients.

At 10:00, a glass of mineral water or tea must be added. If the skin is dry, you can use moisturizing lotion to pat on the face or use facial spray to replenish.

12:00 Drink plenty of water after meals, crush and get angry, and cause dry and itchy skin.

If there is spicy food for lunch, be sure to drink some soup to dilute the gastrointestinal irritation.

At 15:00 in the afternoon, it is easy to fatigue. Fruits added with vitamin C can both relieve fatigue and replenish your skin. At 19:00, you can go home from work. At this time, rehydration is an important homework of the day. Enter a glass of mineral water / warm water for dinner.There are soups or porridges, fruit after meals, and replace some soup soup to drink while watching TV / playing computer.

21:00 Avoid drinking water an hour before going to bed.

You can clean the face with warm water, apply a moisturizing night cream, and gently massage the easy-to-dry areas such as the face, hands, feet, etc., so that moisture and nutrients penetrate and the skin is well absorbed.