Impotence medicated diet

TCM believes that impotence is mostly caused by kidney-yang deficiency, and medicated diet has a better effect on impotence by invigorating the kidney and impotence.

  First, the effect of Queer congee is aphrodisiac, nourishing blood, and liver and kidney.

Applicable to impotence caused by insufficient kidney qi, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, sore waist and knees.

  5 sparrows and cucurbita 30?
45 grams, 10?
15 grams, medlar 20?
30 grams, 100 grams of rice, salt, light white, ginger amount.

  Preparation 1. Add the dodder, raspberry, and wolfberry together in a casserole to fry the juice and remove the residue.

     2. Then remove the hair and intestines of the sparrows, wash and stir-fry with wine, then cook the porridge with rice, medicinal sauce and water, add the fine salt, light onion, ginger when cooked, and cook.

  Usage Take 2 times daily, warm food.

5 days is a course of treatment, the effect is better in winter.

  Second, the effect of stewed cat meat with round meat Codonopsis spleen and heart.

Also suitable for post-ill body weakness, neurasthenia and other symptoms.

  15g longan meat, 30g codonopsis, 150 cat meat?
250 grams.

  In the preparation, place the codonopsis, cat meat and longan meat in a cup, and simmer in water to cook.

  Eat meat soup appropriately, once every other day.

  Third, the effect of walnut stewed silkworm pupae nourish the spleen and kidney.

It is also suitable for ejaculation, pediatric gastric ptosis, etc.

  Ingredients for walnut meat 100?
150 grams, 50 grams of silkworm pupae (slightly fried).

  Put walnut meat and silkworm pupae in the same cup, and simmer in water.

  Usage once every other day.

  Fourth, the effect of wolfberry mutton porridge nourish the kidney yang, nourish the kidney qi, and strengthen the yang.

It is suitable for kidney deficiency and strain, impotence caused by impotence, lumbar pain, dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss, frequent urination or enuresis.

  Ingredients 250 grams of wolfberry leaves, 1 sheep kidney, 100 grams of lamb, 100 rice?
150 grams, light onion, seasoned with salt.

  Preparation 1. Wash and clean the fresh sheep kidney, remove the endometrium, and cut thinly.

      2. Wash and chop the mutton, decoction the wolfberry juice, and cook porridge with sheep kidney, mutton, light white and rice.

      3. After the porridge is finished, add a small amount of fine salt and cook a little.

  Usage 1 daily?
2 times, warm clothes.

    Fifth, the efficacy of impotence food therapy formula tonify the kidney and help yang.

  Ingredients: 4 male livers, 4 carp gall, 30 grams of dodder powder, and 1 sparrow egg.

  Make chicken liver and carp gall air-dried, grind into fine powder, add dodder powder, sparrow egg white, mix well, put in soybean-sized pills, and dry or dry.

  Usage Take 1 capsule 3 times daily with warm water.