[How to make colored peppers for babies]_Children_Production method

The bell peppers are rich in vitamins, and the color of the bell peppers is very bright. They are very popular with babies. If there is a child at home, you can make some bell peppers for the children, and even supplement the nutritional elements needed by the child ‘s body.The child’s physical immunity enables the child to have a healthy body.

Now let ‘s introduce the practice of colored peppers.

Can babies eat bell peppers? Babies can eat bell peppers.

Color pepper supplements potassium, 278 kg of potassium per 100 grams of color pepper. Baby eating color pepper can supplement potassium, which is beneficial to improve physical strength, improve its ability to resist heat, keep the nervous system excited, maintain vitality, and promoteThe development of a good character can also regulate the acid-base balance in the body.

Color pepper is supplemented with vitamin A, and every 100 grams of color pepper contains 132 micrograms of vitamin A. The baby eats color pepper and supplements with vitamin A, which can improve eyesight and promote the development of good vision.

Colored peppers are rich in nutritional elements, such as protein, vitamins, carotene, cellulose, inorganic salts, and so on. Baby eating colored peppers can supplement nutritional elements, which is conducive to physical fitness and healthy development of the body.

Bell peppers contain protein. Baby can eat bell peppers to supplement protein, improve immunity, strengthen immunity, and maintain normal immune function.

Color pepper supplement vitamin C, baby eat color pepper, can supplement vitamin C, supplement vitamins, maintain vitality, promote metabolism and blood circulation in the body, protect blood vessel health, and promote blood function enhancement.

Colored pepper phosphate contains 26 mg of phosphorus for every 100 grams of colored pepper. Your baby eats colored pepper and supplements phosphorus, which helps the healthy development of the brain and nervous system, and can promote the healthy development of bones and teeth.

Color pepper polysaccharide cellulose, baby eat color pepper, can add cellulose, promote gastrointestinal digestion, help detoxification and urination, improve appetite, increase appetite, and develop a good habit of eating.

The practice of eating colored peppers for babies is rich in nutritional elements, such as protein, vitamins, inorganic salts, cellulose and so on. Baby eating colored peppers can supplement nutritional elements, which is conducive to physical fitness and healthy development.

The best way to eat colored peppers for your baby is to make them mature. If your baby eats raw peppers, they may not be able to digest them.

Ingredients for scrambled eggs with color pepper: appropriate amount of color pepper, one egg, appropriate amount of oil, salt, spring onion, etc.

Method: 1. Wash the bell peppers, cut into small cubes, beat the eggs evenly, add an appropriate amount of salt, and stir well.

2. Wash the green onion clean, add an appropriate amount of oil, hot oil to the pot, fry the green onion, stir fry, then lay the eggs and fry.

3. Pick up the eggs, add an appropriate amount of oil, hot oil, and colored peppers, fry the eggs after frying, and fry evenly.

Efficacy: Scrambled eggs with sweet peppers, fragrant, beautiful color, easy to attract the baby’s attention. Baby eating scrambled eggs with sweet peppers can be appetizing to increase appetite, supplement protein, improve body immunity, enhance resistance, and promote boneHealthy development.