The house girl is also crazy super practical beauty cheats

What do house girls do at home?

Of course, it is to study practical and effective skin care secrets.

There are really a lot of exclusive little secret recipes made by the otaku girls, and they don’t hesitate to share them with everyone, so that their fellow citizens will be beautiful together.

  Don’t underestimate these DIY recipes, it is both cost-effective and effective, and it is also environmentally friendly.

But usually these methods need to persist for a long time to have obvious results, so the lazy MM must make a little determination.


Overnight tea can increase eyelashes. You know that the tea polyphenols contained in tea water have the effect of increasing hair.

After the leftover tea is cool, before you go to bed or in the early morning, use a cotton swab to moisturize your eyelashes.

This is definitely the most economical “eyelash growth fluid”.

In addition, put the used tea bag in the refrigerator and apply it to the eyes the next day, you can also go to the dark circles!


Eating yam is both slimming and beauty yam can provide a large amount of mucus protein in the human body, reduce subcutaneous fecal deposition, and avoid obesity.

And itself is a kind of high-nutrition, low-calorie food, even the MM who is losing weight can rest assured.

At the same time, yam can ingest basic hormone substances, which contain various basic hormone substances, and can promote the synthesis of endocrine hormones. When acting on the skin, it can promote cell metabolism, promote skin moisturizing function, and improve physical fitness.


Easily say goodbye to acne with acne implants?

Go to the pharmacy to buy cassia seeds, drink water after dinner every day, and the acne will gradually disappear the next day. It can also make your little belly disappear unconsciously, so Xiaoman waist comes out!

Cassia seed is a medicinal material commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Acne is mostly a toxin accumulation in the body and cannot be discharged. Once the toxin is released again, the acne also disappears!


DIY lip gloss method materials: lipstick (the rest can be), lip balm (or lip oil, vaseline), alcohol lamp (or hair dryer), adjusting stick, iron spoon.

  Practice: A.

Remove lipstick and lip balm onto spoon with stick; 调 B.

Place the spoon on an alcohol lamp or use a hot air blower to heat it. At the same time, use the adjusting rod to stir evenly, remember not to heat it for too long; C.

Pour the liquid lipstick into a container while it is still hot, and let it cool to solidify.


Sleeping with a silk scarf to maintain hair styles Beauty lovers may have this kind of trouble, but after waking up to the beauty salon to make a hairstyle, it becomes unsightly!

In fact, this situation can be prevented. As long as you put a smooth silk scarf on the pillow before bedtime, you will find that the hairstyle is intact the next morning.


Lemon bath makes the skin fair. When the lemon is in full production, buy more at home, and cut it into half squeezed juice, and drink with cold water and sugar. It is the most natural whitening drink!

Do not put the squeezed lemon peel for the time being, and put it in the bathtub or washbasin when taking a bath. Whether you wash your face or bath, you can make your skin more tender and fair!