Tea is the best slimming drink for weight loss

The World Health Organization surveyed the pros and cons of beverages in many countries and concluded that tea was the best beverage.

According to scientific determination, tea contains protein, trace amounts, more than 10 kinds of vitamins, as well as nearly 300 kinds of ingredients such as tea polyphenols, caffeine, and lipopolysaccharides, which can regulate physiological functions and exert various health and pharmacological effects.

  Tea has the effect of preventing the rise of sterols in the human body and intervening myocardial infarction. Tea polyphenols can also remove excess free radicals from the body and inhibit and kill pathogenic bacteria.

In addition, tea also has a refreshing, anti-fatigue and antibacterial effect.

At the same time, tea can stimulate people’s spirit, enhance thinking and memory, can eliminate fatigue, promote metabolism, and maintain the normal functions of the heart, blood vessels, and the body. It also has great benefits in preventing dental caries.

According to a survey in the United Kingdom, children who drink tea regularly can reduce caries by 60%. Tea can inhibit cell aging and make people prolong life.

The anti-aging effect of tea is more than 18 times that of vitamin E.

Drinking tea can delay and prevent the formation of lipid plaque in the lining of the blood vessels, prevent arteriosclerosis, hypertension and cerebral thrombosis.

Tea drinking can stimulate the central nervous system and enhance exercise energy. Tea drinking has good weight loss and beauty effects, especially the effect caused by oolong tea.

The sulfuric acid contained in tea can kill a variety of bacteria, so it can prevent stomatitis, sore throat, and enteritis and dysentery that are prone to occur in summer.

Tea contains anti-radiation substances. Drinking tea while watching TV can reduce the harm of TV radiation and protect eyesight.

  In the international medical community, a lot of attention has been paid to discussing the major disease “metabolic syndrome” for a long time, which is also a common problem for obese patients.

“Metabolic syndrome” is a collective term that includes: diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, which account for 27 of the top 10 causes of death in Taiwan.

6%, far more than the number 1 cancer.

However, the research results show that people with long-term tea drinking habits (at least once a week for more than half a year) will have significantly less body content than those who do not drink tea, and there are very few remaining adults.

And the longer the tea drinking habits, the more obvious the fat burning effect.

Especially for people who have been drinking tea for more than 10 years, their body weight is slightly reduced by about 20%, and Palestinian adults are reduced by about 2.

1%; women are more significant: declines of 30% and 5%, respectively.

  However, tea should only be drunk and not concentrated. It still contains a large amount of protein with astringent effect and can be implanted into diseases such as enteritis and ulcer; it should be cold but not hot: tea contains substances that can promote insulin synthesis and also can reducePolysaccharides of blood sugar.

These substances are decomposed and destroyed when they are absorbed in boiling water with high temperature, and lose their therapeutic effect.