Health does not mean fighting against the elderly, what should I do?

Health maintenance is a life style. The attitude to life, eating healthy, regular exercise and good habits to relieve stress and sleep are all health attitudes.

Many people think that health care will definitely resist ageing, but health care is not the same as anti-aging. At best, it can only be said that health care is only a part of anti-aging, it is just some conditions of anti-aging.

  If you want to achieve healthy aging, or even delay the aging effect, this needs to be applied externally or internally.

Anyone can do it, they can do DIY at home, and they must start by eating, drinking, playing, and having fun.

The so-called eating is to select foods that are suitable for these environments and characteristics according to individual occupations and living habits.

For example, the common office family is a hardworking person. The brain of such people must consume a lot of sugar, so they must be supplemented in nutrition.

For a laborer, the amount of protein he needs to consume will be more than the average person, so the public can see which type of work they belong to, and try to make up for the nutrition that their bodies need.

  Four concepts, namely, no milk, no sugar, no synthetic refined cooking oil, and no animal sex aunt, these four are not the most basic method of health and anti-aging.

Milk and goat milk are for cattle and sheep. The ingredients in it may not be suitable for humans; sugarless means that you don’t eat more refined sugar and then take more natural vegetable oils. Among them, natural olive oil is the best. Recently it is very redMany studies on the trans-adults’ harm and burden on the human body have confirmed that it is best to use edible oil as a natural source.

  In addition, protein is the most important substance in human cells, but remind everyone that plant protein is much healthier than animal protein, and eating white meat is better than red meat.

Pan Shibin said that in the United States, experts have conducted a 20-year survey on 20,000 Americans. People who eat red meat have a 53% higher risk of cancer than people who eat white meat, showing that they love red meat.Friends are not good for health.

  Because of what to drink, of course, it is also best to use natural pure water, that is, distilled water, so playing and having fun is exercise and stress relief.

These are all things that citizens can work on.

So what kind of help can doctors provide in the field of anti-aging?

  The so-called anti-aging, as far as professional doctors are concerned, it is very comprehensive. This is the use of the most advanced instruments, technologies and medical treatments to assess the functions of various organs in the body, which helps people change their lifestyles and make upVarious nutrients to maintain good body functions, uniforms allow the body organs to function well.

  Clinically, an 86-year-old patient is the oldest patient.

After the patient’s nutrition and health evaluation, the gray hair that had been grayed out already appeared. Even in the gray hair, there could be some slight substitutions, even just a change in appearance. Some people even went in and out.Drive by yourself, you can climb the mountain, and walk like a bird!

  It’s not terrible to be old. The key is to be healthy and slow down. People rely on their own efforts to establish a good personal attitude to life. Together with a professional anti-aging assessment by a doctor, it can make anti-aging comprehensive and comprehensive.Be scientific, make your life easier and healthier!