The secret to losing weight while lazy is sleeping

Don’t underestimate the minutes before bedtime. At this time, the muscles are in the most relaxed state, and they are most relaxed and relaxed. Use these minutes to lower your lower back and cervical spine, and no longer alleviate the fatigue of the day.Thin waist and slim back are also very effective, come and follow me!

  Maybe you haven’t been out in the office all day, the sore back can’t be resisted. While you straighten your waist before going to bed, stretch your waist a lot. When doing the following movements, don’t force yourself to the extent you can bearJust fine.


Straighten straight, kneeling on the ground at 90 degrees to the abdomen and legs.


Keep your back up for 10 seconds.


Knee your legs forward and keep your feet off the ground.


Legs straight up and back.


The body returns to its original state, helping to stay straight with the body.

  Front Care TIPS: Want to have a personal name?

The front end, daily cleaning and care is absolutely indispensable.

Once weekly deep exfoliation and back-end care to promote blood circulation, you can DIY yourself.

May use body scrub products to completely remove the hard horny skin, then tighten the muscles with the body containing rosemary deodorant, daily maintenance can be easily completed, but also delicate and muscles are more elastic.